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Botox as Prophylaxis of Aging for Young Patients

Botox is known for its powerful and effective results when it comes to turning back the clock for clients who desire to regain a more youthful appearance. The treatment weakens the signals that cause muscles to contract and move, therefore reducing the appearance of naturally

Treatments to restore your face skin appearance


Are Baby Botox Doses Better Than Normal Botox Doses?

Here at Elyse Beauty and Laser Clinic in Lewisham, we know our clients are concerned about people noticing their use of Botox to help fix wrinkles and other imperfections around the face. Botox can be incredibly effective as it temporarily weakens the muscles that cause

How Many Botox Treatments Do You Need Per Year?

Botox treatments can be incredibly effective, but this is not a permanent solution to eradicating wrinkles and lines. The toxin used in Botox will work for several months at a time, eventually decreasing in strength and needing refreshing to maintain the same smooth, youthful appearance...