What Mesotherapy Does For You

Mesotherapy is one of the most unique new treatment options that you can utilize when looking to improve your appearance. This is a special treatment choice that encourages weight loss and the removal of cellulite and other fatty growths from all parts of your body.

This can help you to look younger, slimmer and more appealing.

Mesotherapy is available through the Elyse Clinic. Available to our patients, mesotherapy can make an immediate difference in anyone’s life. It can especially encourage anyone to live a healthier life.

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment option that has been used by practitioners for more than fifty years. Derived from the Greek word for “middle,” mesotherapy focuses on the injection of medicines and other compounds into the subcutaneous fat that can be found in the middle of your body. This targets fat cells that have grown outside your normal tissues.

  • These fat cells are typically ones that your body might accumulate as you age. It is often harder for the body to naturally burn off excess fat cells over time. Many of these can develop around the arms or legs as cellulite.
  • By using mesotherapy, you will target these excess fat cells. This can make your body look more appealing as it is used. In fact, it can even target localised fat deposits from all around your body. These include areas around the abdomen where fat cells are often likely to develop.
  • This can especially encourage weight loss. In addition to remove those excess cells from your body, it will be easier for your body to feel more active. This can encourage a healthier lifestyle, thus allowing you to keep to a normal weight for a longer time.

How This Works

Mesotherapy works with a series of proper medicines that are to be injected
directly into the fatty parts of the body.

Aminophyilline is an especially popular medicine to use here.

This can help to break down fat cells. Phosphatidylcholine is also added to
stop fat cells from dividing.

The fat cells will begin to break down and be naturally removed through one’s wastes. Vitamin C and other antioxidants may be applied during the injection process to clear out these fat cells as they die off.

It takes a few weeks for the fat cells to fully clear out. The length of time it takes for the process to work will vary based on the intensity of the situation. This can also be said for the number of required injections or treatments.

The Procedure

For mesotherapy to work we will use Invisible needles. The injection site has to be cleaned off with alcohol. The medication will then be injected into the skin.

The injection site is typically in an area around the fat deposits that need to be removed. For the legs, the injections can go from the knees to the buttocks. The upper arms are typically targeted when the arms are being worked upon.

Multiple injections are typically required. This is as a means of reaching as many spots on the body as possible. As the medication moves into the body, it will start to kill off and eliminate the fat cells. It can take a few weeks for the fat cells to be cleared out. Depending on your state, you might need multiple treatments.

What Side Effects Are There?

Because the treatment uses only a small series of injections, you should feel hardly any pain during the actual injection process.

You might experience a burning sensation for about 15 to 20 minutes after the injections are complete. This is a side effect of the medication going to work. Also, some swelling might develop for a few days but the swelling is still minimal. Some skin discoloration will develop although it will go away after a few days.

You can certainly benefit from a great mesotherapy procedure when you are looking to get rid of cellulite and other stubborn fat deposits.

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