Laser Hair removal

Elyse Beauty & Laser Clinic is proud to offer effective laser hair removal services within South-East London. Although it can seem like a daunting process, laser hair removal is now one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted body hair and many of our clients find it an effective and relatively painless hair removal method with fantastic, long-lasting results.

Using a Cynosure laser, the leading hair removal machine in the industry, our experts are able to specifically target darker and coarser hair, whilst leaving all surrounding skin safe and undamaged by the laser. If you are tired of shaving and waxing and searching for an alternative, we’d love to discuss our laser hair removal options with you!

Why A Cynosure Laser?

Cynosure have been providing clinics, just like ours, with the very best lasers in the industry since 1991, which is why we wouldn’t use any other laser for our treatments. We chose to work with this company as it is a world leading developer and manufacturer of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems.

Cynosure lasers, due to their proven technology, high power and speed, deliver the best results for long-term hair removal. A choice of variable spot sizes and pulse widths helps to create a customised laser solution for each of our clients to suit their exact skin type and area treated.


The process of laser hair removal is simple and quick process, making it one of the most popular choices for women and men nationwide.

The skin beneath and around the target area is left undamaged and with the more treatments undertaken, clients begin to see less and less regrowth.

Depending on the size of the area being treated, the process is incredibly quick (full legs can be treated in about 25 minutes) leaving you ready to simply continue with your day.

  • Where Can Laser Hair Removal Be Used?

Because of the safe nature of Laser hair removal, it is an effective solution for unwanted hair anywhere on the body. Our clients have treatments on the face, including the upper lip, the bikini area, legs, arms and torsos.

The Cynosure dual-wavelength system is a real winner here. The 755nm wavelength is ideal for hair removal on lighter skin types and the 1064nm is the only safe and effective wavelength for laser hair removal on Asian and black skin types.

  • What Does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

Many clients will only feel a mild sensation during their laser hair removal treatments such as minor tingling or a gentle warming of the skin.

Following the treatment, there might be some minor redness on the skin and in some rare cases, a slight temporary swelling in the treatment area but clients are always more than able to continue with their daily routine.

Our Clients Are Our Priority

Prior to your first laser hair removal session with our expert practitioners, we’ll ask you to pop in for a quick and free consultation to ensure the treatment is the right fit for you and your medical history.

A small patch test has to be carried at least 24 hours prior to your laser treatment at the cost £10 (fully refundable against the cost of the subsequent treatment booked) so that we can safely confirm there will not be any adverse reaction.
You can be assured the laser will be configured to suit your skin type and treated area.


Our laser specialists recommend approximately 5 -8 laser treatments to ensure the very best results. This will depend on each client’s response to the treatment and could potentially be slightly less or more. Elyse provides fantastic package deals to allow clients to receive a discount when booking several sessions and multiple areas together.


Laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal solution. In some cases, the 6-8 treatments may not have completely destroyed all hair follicle and after some time the hair could begin to grow back. In this case, we recommend having few subsequent yearly sessions to completely and permanently remove remainig hair.

Elyse’s Other Laser Treatment Solutions

Alongside our laser hair removal treatments, we offer a fantastic range of laser treatments for a selection of other skin concerns:

  • Skin rejuvenation.
  • Leg vein and deeper facial blood vessel treatments.
  • Removal of pigmented lesions and solar lentigines.

Our specialists at Elyse Beauty & Laser Clinic would be happy to discuss any of the above treatments with you, please give us a call today!