Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond microdermabrasion facial at Elyse Beauty Clinic is safe and controlled treatment that gently exfoliates and resurfaces the outer layers of skin. The gentle vacuum action achieves an immediate lifting effect on tired muscles – giving you a “mini” workout for the face without leaving you blotched, red or bruised.

  • This treatment also helps to increase new collagen and elastin fibres resulting in a firmer
    and more toned skin texture.

State of the art diamond technology used by Elyse Beauty Clinic makes dermabrasion wand move gentler than ever before, and the multi-rotational function exfoliates far more efficiently.

The treatment is performed using a dermabrasion tip covered in diamonds which, when is moved
across the skin, exfoliates the top layers sucking up the loose dead skin cells. The dead skin cells
are accumulated in a filter, which makes it easy for clients to see, how much dead skin was removed.

  • A course of treatments may be recommended, as multiple treatments are more progressive
    and can give better results for clients with deeper wrinkles or scarring.


Electric Facials / Diamond Microdermabrasion
Cleanser, diamond microdermabrasion, calming masque, toner, moisturiser.  £55.00

Face Lifting Massage  £10.00